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Are bandage dress still all the rage in the fashion world?

The answer is beyond doubt.

"Bandage dress" came out in the middle and late 1990s. French designer Hérve Peugnet (the main creator of French brand Hérve Léger) was the first to bring it to the T-stage and set off a fashion frenzy and many fashion icons are following its footsteps.

The charm of bandage dress lies in "making everyone eager" it will not deliberately cover up women’s imperfect figure, but help them highlight their hourglass curves. Many fashionable designs go on bandage dress.

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Rhinestone One Shoulder Bandage Dress B1278 23

Here answers to some questions about bandage dress


What is bandage dress made of?

Bandage dress is usually made of rayon, polyester and spandex, which offers an ultra-stretchy mixture of materials and customize your figure to a great extent.


How stretchy is the bandage dress?

Yes, it's stretchy. This is formed by its material and fabric weaving.


How do I wash my bandage dress?

Clean the bandage dress using cold water with a light detergent and natural drying, or send your bandage dress to a laundry. Don't use an iron or put it in a hot dryer, otherwise the dress will shrink. If your dress is too large or deformed, perhaps a steam iron will be a wise choice.


What should I wear under my bandage dress?

It could be your taste with adhesive backless bralette seamless bra or silicone bra.


Is a bandage dress suitable for a wedding party?

Yes, a lot of maxi dress are also made of bandage materials. Many of our clients wear bandage dress to the wedding banquet. We offer various bandage dress for you, like long- sleeved bandage, knee length dress etc. Start shopping here and there will always be a bandage dress that perfectly makes you dignified and decent at the wedding!


Where can I find cost-effective bandage dress

onelovedress is a professional bandage dress online store, there will be many new bandage dresses launched every week, you are sure to find a dress for you. Let you show your perfect body.

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